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Rave Guide 101: All You Should Know Before You Attend Rave

rave guid

If you’ve never gone to a rave or even if you don’t like Electronic Dance Music (EDM), you would be pleasantly surprised at how positive the experience can be, as long as you follow these important tips in this Rave Guide that we prepared for you!


First lesson in this Rave Guide that you don’t have to miss: Stay hydrated, and eat beforehand for energy.
Raving involves high-energy dancing, which some people like to do in minimal clothing. Depending on the venue, mobility could be a disheartening, sweaty experience.
Check out the venue. The more outdoor space, the better, and grass is much kinder than asphalt.

When going to a rave, go for the atmosphere.

You really don’t need to know who the artists are, it’s all electronic noise.
The only thing you need to know is the difference between EDM, trance and trap, so you don’t get trapped in a mosh pit when you’re hoping for a love-fest.

For example, Crizzly’s skuzzy brand of popular rap-infused trap-dubstep opened mosh pits like sinkholes and lifted women’s shirts as the DJ encouraged the crowd to be as “ratchet” as possible.

Don’t try to be everywhere at once

Raves are made for the moment. Dance with your eyes closed; hug random strangers. Walking across this venue took a good 30 minutes. In this case, weaving through drugged, outrageously-costumed people is too stressful.

Don’t cling to your friends

The larger the group, the more likely that you’ll lose someone. Searching for friends or holding hands while weaving through the crowd wastes a lot of time and energy. Venture elsewhere and make new friends. Establish meeting places to reunite later for story time.

Don’t try to get to the front of the stage

David Guetta drew a huge portion of the attendees, including running and dancing ravers to a endlessly deep crowd in front of the main stage. Just to get to the center of the crowd as his performance climaxed into his popular song “Titanium” took 15 minutes of groping and pardoning, not to mention the loss of a phone and a couple earrings.

Attire does not matter

You don’t even need to put clothes on over your underwear.
People wore prom dresses and pajamas, animal suits and lots of furry leg warmers.
Express yourself; this is the only place where a bunny rabbit will be seen dancing with a robot.

Kandi gives you popularity points

It’s almost a form of diplomacy.
A traditional raver at the event who was draped in “kandi,” or the colorful plastic beaded bracelets characteristic of raving, initiated an exchange known as PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Therefore, during this, two ravers make contact with peace signs, a “handmade” heart and finally interlace their fingers to exchange bracelets.

Everyone is welcome

A common misconception is that raves are only for shufflers and those who like to experiment with drugs.
One devoted fan was waving a crutch in the air; even a few middle-aged couples joined the scene.
It’s a friendly atmosphere
I’m not one to take drugs, but ecstasy users sure are fun to be around.
Don’t be fooled by the attractive women painted as nightmarish Cheshire cats, most rave-goers are very friendly.
Free water bottle refills and cell phone charging stations were available, not to mention that the grass provided places for groups to chill and crash. When weaving through a crowd, other ravers kindly let you pass, rather than shoving.

Raves are a great way to relieve stress

The bass will tell your heart how to beat; your body will throb and sway with the harmony and teeth-grinding vibrations. Additionally, no one will think twice if you move crazily and impulsively.
The ecstatic feeling does not need be drug-induced. Hope you Rave Guide useful and bookmark it and share with you pals.

Source: Daily 49er

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